Vintage Canned Ham Camper Trailer Project

Vintage Canned Ham Camper Trailer Project (1)

Likewise, purchasing a little trailer could possibly be the difference between being in a position to use your current car or truck or needing to get a bigger one. The best thing about these little trailers is they should be fun and whimsical. Regardless of their age, you’re still able to find Boler trailers for sale.

54 Vintage Canned Ham Camper Trailer Project

This project was easy and plenty of fun. You’re likely to need them. It was so enjoyable to finish the project in such a quick period of time. You would like to leave as much of your sides as possible and needless to say keep the base of the box. Speaking of trailer finds and the one which got away, like fishermen discuss the huge catch. If you need assistance, ask a trailer expert to have a peak and tell you exactly what they think.

Paint is crappy, it’s a really old wood-framed trailer that was initially nailed together. Now the floor is far better than new. Next to the kitchen is a little storage closet that may be used for a port-a-potty.

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