11 School Bus to RV Camper Van from an Old Bus

School Bus To RV Camper Van From An Old Bus (1)

You ought to be able to get a great assortment at auctions and bus barns in your region. The kids adore the bus, but there is not anything quite like camping in a tent. Class B camper vans provide each one of these amenities without the price and hassle of a huge RV.

11 School Bus to RV Camper Van from an Old Bus

To be certain, there’s a level of difficulty to any bus conversion. A little fan directs any smell away from the vehicle. If ordered from this page, as an example, the AC unit you chose should arrive at where you are in only a couple of days.

This gallery elaborates on the way space is organized to make an environment that’s comfortable, functional, and flexible. Normally, the entrance is via a big door in the rear which opens almost the complete width of the human body. The seating space is among the most flexible, and as it occupies four bays, it’s also the largest.

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